Make Your Home Stand Out: Ideas For Your Small Kitchen

A kitchen is the most important and well used room in your house. But living with a small kitchen can come with an array of problems. When there is not enough space for your pots and pans or the seating area is too cramped for your guests, it’s time to get creative. Give your favorite design team a call, because your small kitchen is about to become your dream one!

Here are some design ideas to make your small kitchen stand out:

Ideas For Your Small Kitchen | Luxury Kitchens Greenwich | Home Remodeling

Decorate With White: To make your small space appear visually larger, use white or light cabinetry. Adding white accessories and furniture will give the room an airy look and open things up.

Eliminate Clutter: Keeping out only the necessities will make your space neater and seem much larger. A small kitchen equipped with only the things you use on a daily basis will seem larger than a bigger space covered in clutter. Ask your design team to add extra storage and shelves to keep your counter tops clear!

Use Light: Maximize natural light wherever possible and add extra light fixtures to brighten up the space. Small areas tend to appear darker. By installing pendant lights over an island or under cabinets will add style, ambiance and make the room appear larger.

Add Storage: Adding drawers in unexpected spaces like sitting areas or toe kicks are great for additional storage without compromising the areas you already use. Specialized cabinets inserts can also be helpful to maximize unusable space.

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