How To Survive A Kitchen Renovation

Once the demolition is underway, you’ll quickly learn how the kitchen really is the epicenter of the home. While dining out every night sure sounds like an ideal plan, the expense could be tapping into your remodeling budget. But with a little preparation, you will survive–the temporary disruption will be well worth the reward of a beautiful new kitchen.  Follow these tips to help get you through!

Luxury Kitchen Stamford

Set up a makeshift kitchen: Designating one dust-free area in your home as the temporary kitchen will make it easier to prepare meals or eat your takeout. Equip it with your microwave or toaster, and set up a mini fridge for the necessities. A portable folding table doubles as a counter top and always opt for paper plates and cups to avoid having to wash the dishes.

Use clear storage containers: For items commonly used, storing them in clear container makes them easier to find. Items that are used infrequently should be boxed up and moved away until after the reno is complete. This is also a good time to get rid of things that are cluttering up your cabinets and not needed anymore.

Plan your remodel wisely: If your schedule permits, planning a kitchen renovation in the warmer months is a smart idea as it’s barbecue season. Throw some burgers on the grill and eat on your patio outside to avoid being in the way of the construction.

Set a schedule: Everyone knows that there has to be some wiggle room in setting a remodeling schedule. That said, you’ll want set up a bulletin board in your temporary kitchen to keep track of the progress. Taking pictures, making checklists and creating a remodeling calendar is a good way to stay on track and keep frustrations low.

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