5 Mini Makeover Ideas For Your Home


Let’s face it, we all need a little sprucing up from time to time–and the same goes for our homes. While undergoing an entire home renovation is the ideal way to get the home of your dreams, it’s understandable that they may not be realistic for everyone. If you want to make some changes to your space, small things can add up in a big way. Here are some mini-makeover ideas that will leave your home looking top notch:

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De-clutter: We all accumulate stuff over the years, but most of us are living with things that we don’t even want or need. Removing clutter doesn’t cost a cent, and is the single fastest way to make a difference in the look of your space. Toss whatever you don’t absolutely need to make space for some new accessories you’re dying to have.

Get Organized: Now that you’ve freed up some space, it’s time to create some order in your home. Coming up with an organization strategy for things like toys, books, shoes and seasonal items will help give you some motivation to re-do your rooms. Disorganization can make any homeowner feel overwhelmed, so tackling this project will give you a major sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Add Some Color: A cheap and  easy way to switch up the look of your space is to change the color. Adding a pop of color in rooms like the kitchen, hallway or even on a statement piece of furniture, can have a big impact on the design of your home without majorly impacting your wallet.

Get Personal: Adding sentimental framed pictures of your friends and family throughout the house is a great way to personalize your space and add some visual interest. Opt for uniquely colored or textured frames and even consider creating one gallery wall for  your photos.

Light It Up: Lighting can not only change the entire look of your home just by the way it creates a glow, but adding statement light fixtures can double as a work of art throughout the house. Swap out boring bulbs for beautiful sconces and chandeliers to instantly change the look of your room.

While these upgrades are simple things to do yourself, if you’re looking to really renovate your home and transform your space, let Landmark Design help! Our tradesmen have worked in some of the finest homes in our area, and look forward to working in yours! No matter the size or type of project, Landmark Design is committed to delivering superior quality and client satisfaction. To see more of our exceptional work, visit us here. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at 203-496-3658.