Tips For Choosing Paint Colors

Have you ever been in a room and found it peaceful and serene? Only to find that another place you went made you anxious and uneasy? Next time you’re somewhere that has you feeling a certain type of way, take a look around and notice one thing–the color! Colors have a profound effect on our mood. Whether it be a product or our surroundings, color accounts for 60 % of our response to an object or place. Choosing the right paint color for your decor can really have an impact on how you feel in that room. Here are some tips to make sure your red walls don’t actually give you the blues.

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Start small: If you’re unsure where to start with color, try adding it in a small space like a powder room or hallway first.

Think about your mood: When selecting a paint color, think about the mood of the room. A bedroom should be calming and serene, while a basement man cave can handle a bolder color!

Pay attention to the lighting: When looking through paint samples and chips always think about the type of lighting you have in that room. A stronger color might be too bright when used in a room with direct sunlight, but can work well in a room with indirect light.

Test your color choice: Many paint companies sell small sample jars that you can take home and try out in your space. It’s a good idea to try before you buy, especially if you are adding some drama to the room, or want to go outside of your comfort zone. This will give you a chance to live with the color for a few days before making a commitment.

Think about the connecting rooms: When choosing a paint color for a space that leads into another room, take into consideration how those colors will go together.

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