Simple Kitchen Upgrades

Upgrading your kitchen is one of the best ways to get a return on your home. It’s easy to change the look of the space without breaking the bank. Here are some simple ways to transform your kitchen on a budget:

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Add a Pop of Color: Setting up cherry red bar stools or decorating with turquoise blue vases adds a burst of color and is great for breaking up a bland kitchen.

Swap Out The Lighting: Replacing the lighting in your kitchen is one of the fastest ways to change the look of the space. Not only will you brighten things up, but a unique light fixture can act as a work of art and add some visual interest to the space.

Change the Hardware: If it’s not in your budget to redo your cabinets, don’t worry! You’ll be amazed at how changing the hardware on your cabinets and drawers can totally transform your kitchen. Stick to brushed nickel or chrome hardware for a more sleek, modern approach, or choose crystal or sea glass knobs for a more unconventional design.

Paint It: Nothing changes a room quite like a fresh coat of paint. If you’re in the mood for a kitchen upgrade, grab some rollers and get to work! Paint your walls or cabinets–this is where you have a chance to really show your style! Blues and greens are known to create a calm and peaceful space, while neutrals like grey and white are universally flattering. Yellow adds brightness to any room and acts like a ray of sunshine–but be careful, as it is believed to make  people feel really hungry!

While these upgrades are simple things to do yourself, if you’re looking to really renovate your kitchen and transform your space, let Landmark Design help! Our tradesmen have worked in some of the finest homes in our area, and look forward to working in yours! No matter the size or type of project, Landmark Design is committed to delivering superior quality and client satisfaction. To see more of our exceptional work, visit us here. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at 203-496-3658.